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According to the Global Firepower Index 2023, the Pakistan army has come 10th Most Powerful Army In The World, this year after improving the ranking in the list of the world’s most powerful forces. Pakistan Army’s ranking improved in 2023 Pakistan Army was ranked 15th in the list in 2023.

It should be noted that the Global Firepower Index releases a ranking list of countries according to military force every year.

The ranking is based on more than 50 factors

These factors range from military size to the country’s financial position, geographical location. Among the militarily powerful countries, the United States is first, Russia is second, China is third.

most powerful army in the world

Pakistan Army ranks 10th among the 138 countries of the world in the list released and has a power index rating of 0.2083. India continues to be fourth, Japan fifth, South Korea sixth, France seventh, Britain eighth and Brazil ninth.

If the list is reviewed, there was no progress in the ranking of any of the first 15 forces in the world except Pakistan. Over the years, Pakistan’s military power alone has increased significantly, with other details including manpower being included to classify it. According to the Global Firepower Index estimates, Pakistan’s current workforce is 96.1 million and in this sense Pakistan ranks sixth out of 138 countries, while the number of active personnel is 654,000 and Pakistan is sixth. In the list of Most Powerful Army In The World Pakistan Army Becomes 10th Most Powerful Army In The World.

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The number of people reaching the age of recruitment in the army in the country every year is more than 4327,000, with Pakistan ranked fourth in the world. It may be noted that in 2023, some of the world’s most powerful forces also saw a decline in the ranking.

 Most Powerful Army In The World Ranking 2023

In 2021 most powerful army in the world ranking, Egypt, Germany, Israel, North Korea, South Africa, Myanmar, Colombia, Romania, Mexico, Peru, Denmark, Iraq, Syria, Angola, Bulgaria, Cuba, Yemen, Bolivia, Republic of Congo, New Zealand, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Chad, Giorjea, Guatemala, The rankings of Tajikistan, Uruguay, Bahrain, Mali, Cameroon, Tanzania, Honduras, Ivory Coast and others declined.

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